Sukup Chain Loop Conveyors Prices

Sukup Chain Loop Conveyors

With a Sukup Chain Loop Conveyor, you can fill, unload, blend and transfer grain in one complete operation. Loop Systems generally require less power and are gentler on grain. The flexibility of Loop Systems make them great for adding to existing site or incorporating into a new site. A vertical loop works in a system where bin centers are aligned and the center sumps dump into the chain loop tube installed under the bin floor. A slanted loop is used in a system where the fronts of the bins are aligned and the external powerheads discharge into the chain loop tube.

  • Paddles are made of heavy-duty UHMW, which is non-abrasive and tough, so they will stand up to the pressures of moving your grain without damaging it.
  • Loop conveyors use less horsepower than pneumatic systems and require minimum maintenance.
  • Easy on grain.
  • Can be installed in new or existing grain storage facilities.
  • Engineered industrial roller chain.

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