Sukup Heavy Gauge Drying Bin Prices

Sukup Heavy Gauge Drying Bin

Sukup’s stiffened and non-stiffened bins are designed for stir drying with three or fewer down auger stirring machines. If you're using a stirring machine with four or more down augers, a horizontal, bottom unload system, a top dry system, or a recirculator with a center, vertical unload, a Sukup Heavy-Gauge Drying Bin is what you need. Sukup Heavy-Gauge Bins were specifically designed for the demands of these in-bin continuous flow drying systems. They are available stiffened or non-stiffened and can be pre-punched for Sukup Fastir™ stirring machine track.

Proper moisture and air movement are essential for effective drying. Sukup Bins are built with that in mind. 32° pitch on the roof allows moisture to drain off easily. Sukup roof clips are designed to give the eave clearance you need. The "up" or drying position provides additional eave clearance to allow moisture-saturated air to escape. Sukup roof sheets are available pre-punched for 18" roof vents. The pre-punched vent holes have an extruded lip that prevents moisture from rolling down the bin roof and into the bin.

All Sukup Heavy Gauge Drying Bins Include:

  • Centrifugal Fan
  • Centrifugal Heater
  • Perferated Floor with Supports
  • Inside and Outside Ladders
  • Power Sweep Unload
  • Stirring Machine

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Diameter Rings Bushels Discounted
42 6 28,903 Call for quote
36 6 20,781  
33 6 17,270  
30 6 14,116  
27 6 11,306  
24 6 8,833  

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