X160 Series Auger

Wheatheart X160 Series Auger

Introducing the NEW X Series 16" Auger, available in 85', 105' and 125' lengths with capacity over 23,000 BPH.

With a highly skilled research and development team and a world-class manufacturing facility, Wheatheart has come up with the biggest and the best auger we have ever designed. Ideally suited to today’s demanding large farm and commercial operators, these 16” augers feature capacities over 23,000bph.

A long list of features including commercial grade top truss and a remote electric hopper mean the X160 is built to last. The low profile hopper is only 11 and ¾ inches high and has 3 flights, all featuring Wear Edge technology giving the auger long lasting, reliable performance. The 16" augers come complete with a CV PTO 1000 rpm reducer reverser and hydraulic winch to make setting up at the bin fast and easy. When looking for quick and easy turnaround during harvest, the Wheatheart X160 has everything you need.

Wheatheart's 16" Auger features:

  • 11 3/4" low profile hopper with triple flighting
  • Heavy-duty A-frame undercarriage for strength and stability
  • Large boot with sealed flex spout for increased capacity
  • Square flight connections with Wear Edge technology at critical grain transfer points
  • Remote electric power swing
  • Commercial grade top truss

For more information about X160 Series Auger, please download the brochure.